Thriving Communities:

Three commitments shape our support of thriving communities:

For more information view our 2019 Sustainability Report


In 1957, we opened our first plant in rural New Brunswick, Canada, surrounded by rolling potato hills. As we grew around the world, our approach was the same – to build plants in the heart of rural communities, close to our crops and growers, while also reducing our transport footprint.

Today, nearly all of our 51 plants are located in rural communities – providing rewarding employment opportunities for local people and stimulating rural economies through the purchase of local goods and services. In most of these locations, we are the largest employer and an integral part of the community.

These communities are changing rapidly though. Increasingly, young people are moving to the cities. This poses a threat not only to the long-term sustainability of our growers, but also to our business and our communities.

For us, supporting thriving communities means cocreating positive change for sustainable livelihoods in the communities where we operate.

We’re working to contribute to the competitiveness, resilience, and longterm development of those communities.