Smart & Sustainable Farming:

Our approach to smart & sustainable farming is shaped by 4 commitments



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As the global population soars, the demand for food continues to increase and agricultural-based industries are under increasing pressure to maximize yields.

Growers are also struggling to adapt to climate change, adopt sustainable and innovative growing practices, and mitigate environmental impacts – such as water shortages. As a leader in the potato industry, we believe that we must act in partnership to address these challenges. Potatoes play an important role in our food chain, and have a lower carbon footprint than most other agricultural products. As one of the richest vegetable sources of dietary nutrients on the planet, this raw ingredient will play an important role in feeding generations to come.

For decades, we have worked collaboratively with our growers, the stewards of the land. We have approximately 3,500 growers around the world, supported by a dedicated team of more than 260 McCain agricultural experts.

We partner side-by-side with our growers to provide advice, share best practice and help to future-proof their operations. From CO2 reduction to water efficiency, biodiversity to regenerative farming practices, McCain is committed to advancing the sustainability of potato farming.

As a leader in the potato industry, we’re also part of a range of commercial, industry, and global partnerships and coalitions to help further innovation and progress on these vital topics.