Hearty Lamb Stew

Hearty Lamb Stew


400 grams McCain Green Beans

2 tablespoons Olive Oil

1 tablespoon butter

1 kg lamb stew pieces 

1 large onion diced

2 bay leaves

3 teaspoons minced garlic and ginger 

3 carrots chopped peeled and cut into rounds

2 tablespoons tomato paste

1 teaspoon chilli powder

Fresh thyme

2 - 3 cups chicken stock

1 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce

700 grams baby potatoes

Salt and pepper

Chopped parsley


4 - 5


Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 90 minutes

  1. Season the meat with salt and pepper
  2. In a large pot add the oil and fry the lamb in batches
  3. Remove the lamb and set aside
  4. To the same pot add the butter and fry the onions with the bay leaves
  5. After 5 minutes add the garlic and ginger and add the meat back to the pot
  6. Add in the carrots and mix well
  7. Now add the tomato paste, chilli powder, thyme, Worcestershire sauce and mix well
  8. Allow to cook for a minute before adding the stock and potatoes
  9. Allow to cook for 20 minutes before adding the green beans
  10. Cook for a further 20 - 30 minutes until the veg is cooked and the meat is tender and falling of the bone
  11. Smash a potato to thicken and serve hot with crusty bread

Photo & Recipe: @Apriena (on Instagram) [CREDIT] 

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