Casual Dining Tapas Board

Casual Dining Tapas Board


Mustard Mayo:

250 ml tangy mayonnaise

15 ml whole grain mustard

10 ml Dijon mustard

5 ml sugar

And season with salt and white pepper


Avo ranch sauce:

250 ml Caesar salad dressing

1 large avo (pureed)

60 ml chopped gherkins

Salt and white pepper to taste

Stir together until combined


Roast pepper and feta sauce:

2 large red peppers, roasted and skins removed

75 g plain feta cheese

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Pulse in food processor until smooth, add olive oil to thin down the paste


Creamy Pesto dip:

Stir 250ml sour cream with 50 ml fresh pesto

Season with salt and white pepper


Sweet Pepper Peri-Peri Sauce:

250 ml peri-peri sauce with 1 whole red pepper, sauteed stirred into sauce


Minted Sour Cream:

250 ml sour cream

15 ml chopped fresh mint

2.5 ml smoked paprika

Stirred together with seasoning


Serve with pickled vegetable relish.


Serve with charred McCain Cobettes, slices of green apple and grapes, balsamic onion dip (from veggie Skewer recipe), smoked cured meats, sweet piquant peppers, and toasted pita triangles.