Bar And Pub Snack Platter

Bar And Pub Snack Platter


Cheese and Beer Sauce:

500 ml white sauce (béchamel base) sauce, replacing 1/3 liquid with a local beer

Add in 150 g grated mature Cheddar cheese

Season and serve warm


Blue Cheese and chive dipping sauce:

250 ml softened cream cheese

50g blue cheese and 15ml finely chopped chives

Thin sauce down with a 15 ml milk at a time to preferred consistency

Season and serve chilled


Red onion and Cucumber salad.

1 small red onion finely chopped

¼ Cucumber (220 g), grated; stir together and season

Add 250 ml Greek yoghurt for a dipping sauce


Spicy tomato and Coriander sauce:

Cook 2 large (400 g) chopped beef tomatoes or 1x410 g can chopped tomatoes with 2 green chillies whole, 2 garlic cloves and 30 ml sugar, season to taste

Allow to simmer until reduced by 2/3

Stir in fresh Coriander finely chopped

Serve warmed or chilled


Sweet piquant peppers and chive sour cream:

250 ml sour cream

60 ml chopped sweet piquant peppers

15 ml chopped fresh chives

Season with salt and white pepper


Pesto Mayo:

250 ml tangy mayonnaise mixed with 50 ml pesto


Sriracha Guacamole:

250 ml fresh guacamole with 50 ml sriracha sauce stirred in


Bacon wrapped McCain Veggie Fingers:

Wrap frozen McCain Veggie Finger with a piece of Streaky Bacon.

Secure with toothpick

Deep fry until golden brown (cooks about 3 - 5 mins at 175º)

Serve with Sweet Chilli Mayo.


Serve with salami sticks, olives, fresh gherkins, sweet piquant peppers, and lemon wedges.