New McCain Crispers are here

These innovative bites of crispylicious happiness are going to have you dipping into higher profits and your customers dipping in for more and more. McCain Crispers is a patented and unique V- cut wedges, ready for dipping and loading. They have a unique clear coating ensuring a crispy bite every time, and with the skin left on the potato they’ve got a wholesome, rustic feel to them.

Why McCain Crispers?

McCain Crispers is the social treat trade up option that will add to diners’ repertoires and make your menu stand out from the crowd.

Diners like to discover new sides that create excitement and shake up their daily routine, the only problem there isn’t much on offer that catches their attention.

Whether it’s dinner with friends or a much needed lunch break during a busy day, load up on cripsylicious McCain Crispers and share in the fun.

Serve them your way!

As a meal on their own with a delicious dipping sauce, as a main meal accompaniment alternative to regular chips, or as a fantasti-cally filling snack option – our McCain Crispers are a fun, exciting and innovative new option for your menu.

Check out some of our delicious McCain Crispers dipping recipe inspirations. See Menu Inspirations for all our recipes.


McCain Crispers is a patented and unique V-cut wedge that delivers a crispy bite every time. The potato skin is left on ensuring a rustic feel and wholesome potato taste.


Make them your own. Serve them as they are, season with your own unique house seasoning or dip, or offer as a loaded chips option.


McCain Crispers are quick to prepare, the same way as traditional chips; 2.45 minutes in the fryer. With a durable holding time due to the thick wedge cut and coating, these crisplylicious chips are perfect for delivery.


Get that Instagram-ready plate every time thanks to the innovative V-shape cut, the rustic skin on appeal and the modern crinkle touch.