3 Menu Hacks to Grow Your Business

Across the world the foodservice industry faces rising food costs, labour pressures and flattening customer counts with lockdown restrictions and shorter trading hours.


To defend against these challenges operators are looking to their menus for solutions. Smart Operators can increase profitability if they streamline menus, employ versatile ingredients and update dishes to appeal to consumers eager to try new menu items. Here are 3 menu hacks that can help you.

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While baby boomers are eating out less as they age, they also don’t like a lot of change when it comes to their go-to favourite dishes. Millennials on the other hand are becoming more enthusiastic diners and look to a more authentic total experience. Consequently, operators are developing menu items that appeal to younger consumers while they strive to cater to long-time customers – All Day Breakfast availability is a good example of this trend.

A simple way to update the experience of a dish is to work with versatile ingredients such as fries and different potato speciality products in several dishes to not only make it easier for kitchen staff to prepare but also add variety to your menu meaning you can cater for both ends of the market simultaneously.


One way to make food prep simple is to streamline or rationalise your menu. Having a versatile palette of ingredients and straightforward plating instructions can go a long way to help simplify operations. That’s important in the current labour environment and reduces the number of touch points in prep and plating, and ultimately ensures a level of consistency that your customers will appreciate.



Rising food costs are an important factor in planning any menu. One way for operators to manage food prices is to limit food waste by using versatile ingredients. By focusing on a few ingredients, restaurants require little storage space, so they don’t have to invest in extra refrigerators or freezers. That’s a key consideration when deciding whether to add an ingredient. If it devalues the menu or what consumers think about us or costs money, why would you want to do it? Operators are finding that rethinking their menus and using versatile ingredients can bring in new customers, lower costs and drive sales.

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