New McCain SureCrisp™

McCain SureCrisp™ is here to completely revolutionise your customers’ chip experience, no matter where they are enjoyed!

Chips play a vital role in the eating out experience… in fact 76% of the time consumers order chips with their meals*. There’s nothing better than seeing a plate of hot, crispy chips headed your way! The tone of the meal is set as you snatch the first hot chip from your plate (or someone else’s… we won’t tell), it’s the ultimate satisfaction so they need to be hot and crispy!

McCain SureCrisp™ is, the one crispy chip that’ll meet all your needs, every time. We can back up that claim…

McCain SureCrisp™ chips hold their crispiness for up to 30 minutes**, allowing you to serve your most profitable side with confidence whether it’s for delivery, takeout, or on-premise dining. Now your customers can enjoy crispy delicious chips every time –anywhere.

Extra holding time means you can maximise consumer satisfaction and loyalty, and therefore increase your order rate and profits. McCain SureCrisp™ is the game-changing plant-based coated chip with a trusted true potato taste that allows restaurants to consistently serve and/or deliver crispy chips.

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