5 Reasons to buy Frozen Vegetables

Contrary to popular belief, the carbohydrate, protein, fiber, and mineral content, isn’t that different between fresh and frozen vegetables. Frozen vegetables are packed with nutritional value and let’s face it – the convenience of "frozen at its freshest vegetables" is awesome.

Here are five reasons why frozen veggies are the way to go.


1. It’s Convenient

There’s no way around it, frozen, prepared vegetables are a win on a busy weeknight. You get all the health benefits and delicious taste, without having to chop for hours on end. You can use as much, or as little as you want, eliminating waste. It’s always in your freezer, ready for a quick hearty meal.

2. It’s Healthy

We’ve already established that frozen vegetables are healthy as they are harvested at their peak and frozen at their freshest. The flash freeze process locks in all the goodness – so all those fantastic nutrients end up on your dinner table, meaning you get a healthy dose of veggies every time.

3. It’s always Available

Buying frozen vegetables means you can enjoy your favourite vegetables year-round, and not only when they’re in season. You can also discover delicious veggies you may not normally buy fresh. Be sure to also check the amazing recipes that McCain have developed for you to try out and enjoy.

4. It’s Easy on the Pocket

There’s a notable price difference between fresh and frozen vegetables. For those shopping on a budget (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) frozen vegetables are the answer. They have a much longer shelf-life than fresh vegetables, meaning you get more broccoli for your buck, making it the cost effective, convenient option.

5. It’s the Easiest Way for you and your family to get your 5 a day

We’ve covered it, it’s convenient, it’s cost effective, it’s delicious, and your family will love it! Thanks to frozen vegetables being readily available, everyone can easily get in their five a day and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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