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Spinach, Pea and Carrot Booster Smoothie with Pineapple
Spinach Pea Carrot & Pine Smoothie


1 large pineapple or 1 x 440 g canned pineapple, drained

400 g McCain Spinach, frozen

375 ml (200 g) McCain Baby Peas, frozen

200 g McCain Baby Carrots, defrosted

1L-1.2L apple juice or grape juice


Topping: (optional)

125 ml plain yoghurt

10 ml chia seeds


1 - 2


  1. Follow the cooking instructions for each of your chosen McCain vegetables
  2. In a food processor (or jug blender), blend together the pineapple, McCain Spinach, Baby Peas, and Baby Carrots, gradually adding in the apple or grape juice to allow the mixture to blend smoothly.
  3. Make and serve, top with yoghurt and chia seeds if preferred.
  4. Decant into an insulated travel mug to keep the smoothie cold.


Variations, Hints and Tips


  • Make this recipe adding in 2.5 L of fruit juice and a dash of Gin or Vodka for a welcoming cocktail on a hot summers holiday afternoon.
  • Make this recipe in an ice-lolly mould for healthy treats by the pool.
  • Did you know McCain Garden peas are a source of Vitamin C, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that contributes to iron absorption from food, helps support the body’s immune system and is needed for normal mental function.