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McCain Stuffed Chicken
McCainXtibz: Stuffed Chicken


McCain Mashed Butternut,

McCain Garden Peas

McCain Creamed Spinach.

McCain Baby Corn

Pak Choi

Salted Butter

Chopped garlic

Chicken Breast


Salt and Seasoning to taste




Prep the McCain veggies with the easy instructions on the back... 6 mins is all you need for them to be ready and delicious. I’ve chosen the Mashed butternut, Garden peas and Creamed spinach.

Then some stir fried baby corn and pak choi in some salted butter and chopped garlic. This adds some texture to the dish.

Cut your chicken breast in half, spread the McCain creamed spinach generously in the middle, close and then wrap in bacon. Salt lightly and sprinkle with herbs of choice.

Now fry in salted butter and chopped ginger and baste until golden.

Plating is completely up to your but all the elements of this delicious dish are ready