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There are a handful of special things in life that bring people together… like our three favourites:

family, friends and food!

Just ask five very different moms who would probably never have met each other… until their 6 year olds started school and ended up in the same class.

So to catch up and keep up, they started a WhatsApp group!

Join Joe, Suhanna, Dineo, Zanele and Lindiwe as they journey the magic and mayhem of motherhood in ways that certainly don’t come with a rulebook, except perhaps to live by just one:


Don’t miss the action!

Follow these steps to join the WhatsApp group:

1. Save the McCain number 065 933 0567 to your phone.

2. Send a WhatsApp message to the number using the words “Opt-in” followed by your name.

The hot-mess mom!

Messy, stressed but doing her best.


Age 38


Not even a Hollywood disaster movie could capture life quite the way Jo Needham lives hers.

“It’s complicated” is the answer to her relationship status when asked – and that’s on a good day! The man of the house is Zac – her six year old son who also happens to be big brother to Maddie (and she’s just a sweet ten months old!).

Her favourite foods are the easiest and fastest to cook, so oven-baked wedges or cheesy fries are a safe bet if you’re wondering what Jo’s having for dinner.

She makes mistakes, will never be tech-savvy, always says ‘later’ to software updates, is almost always running late and even once got married in China. Yes… true story! And because that didn’t work out so well, she’s under pressure from the other moms to try the world of online dating.

So… will Jo venture out, kiss a few frogs and swipe right on a possible new prince? Well hopefully not with this morning’s cereal still in her hair!

Messy, stressed
but doing her best.

The super competitive mom

Sussed. Nonplussed. Winning is a must!


Age 30


Focused, formidable, and together! What most people consider plenty hard work for great achievements is what Suhanna considers just a warm-up! Modern, meditating and mother to twins – Shanaya and Bheever who themselves couldn’t be more different from each other!

If you can go from spending hours in the kitchen on a hot summer’s day to using flash frozen – why not? That’s Suhanna’s take on life. Proven over tradition, math over myth, never underestimated or underwhelmed, this is one individual who gets more out of 24 hours than most of us do in a week.

So… if you can be pretty-perfect at balancing nutrition, timetables, extra-murals and achievements, what have you left out? Ah yes... your mother in law.

Sussed, Nonplussed.
Winning is a must!

The hustler mom

Goal-setter. Go-getter


Age 28


Townships, taxis and having a few tricks up her sleeve are all the norm for Zanele.

She loves a big cook-up with the ladies she lives with – and why not? What could be better than a Sunday roast – and of course the skhaftin you get to pack for Monday morning?

If there’s a great deal out there or a smarter way of doing something because it leaves more money in her pocket, Zanele will find a way. It’s that clear head and a big heart keep her motivated to do today what makes ikusasa all the better for it!

So… while umphakathi, motherhood and focus can take you to the brink, there’s one thing that needs you to take the ultimate leap on: ah yes… faith in yourself!

Goal-setter. Go Getter

The always online mom

Online is where she shines.

KIDS 02(+1 step child)

Age 32


Own child. Step-child. And Omalume who seem to be in no rush about their Lobola decision! That’s Dineo, and with all that going on, who wouldn’t find the world inside their phone a great distraction?

She’ll tag you, share links with you and try her best to inspire you, because if there’s a new hashtag, online trend, celebrity feud, wardrobe malfunction or someone’s ex doing a cellphone contract upgrade in the store where she works… Dineo will know where it’s at and why it’s happening.

So… when you’re finished doing everything possible to help everyone else, will an App or any amount of free data get you closer to your own reality? Aikona!

Online is where she shines.

The tell it like it is mom

No time! Let’s walk and talk.


Age 35


With a home salon that put her in the right place at the right time, Lindiwe is expanding on all fronts – except with family! She has four kids already and a husband who stays home to look after them (with a little help from his mom too).

This Doesn’t mean she’s less involved at all though… she coordinates like the best moms do. Meal plans, extra murals and how it all comes to life like clockwork! She’s not afraid to challenge the norm, to challenge bad hair days or challenge you to keep up – Lindiwe runs the world: hers! Between her hair salons and her home, it’s all almost perfect – or is it?

But... when the very thing she thought was under complete control sends her a surprise (as life often does), Lindiwe discovers that change may be the biggest challenge after all.

No time! Let’s walk and talk.