Our Strategy

As a global, family-owned company, we understand the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our business is enhanced when our workforce reflects the diversity of our customers, consumers, suppliers and communities.

We also foster an inclusive culture where everyone can deliver their best performance and be their authentic selves.

Diversity & Inclusion is an integral part of our McCain Foods culture, fostering success and a sense of belonging now and for generations to come. We achieve this by:

Promoting a culture of engagement
Building a diverse McCain Foods at all levels
Hosting workshops, summits, courses and employee resource groups globally.

To support our strategy, we have many initiatives in place around the world, helping our people grow and develop.


Leadership Inclusion Summit:

This program equips organizations and business leaders with the skills needed to engage and retain talent in an increasingly complex and diverse world.

YOU Inc.Workshop:

An all-day development session for women to increase personal strength and confidence, develop a personal brand and learn how to identify potential career advocates to help develop a broader strategic network of support.

Unconscious Mind Workshop:

Program recommended for employees at all levels where they learn how to identify bias, understand the impact, how to respond and create an action plan to address unconscious bias.

Women’s Coaching Circle:

Brings together a small group of women to explore personal development opportunities.


This course delivers the skills leaders need to build more inclusive and diverse teams, which leads to improved business outcomes such as increased effectiveness and innovation.